Questions You Need to Ask to Choose the Best Realtor

Choosing a realtor can be a be a bit daunting! Purchasing a home, whether it is a first home or a fourth home, is the largest purchase most people will make in their lives. Because of this, it's critical to find someone you feel comfortable leading you through the process.


Here are 5 of the top things that are critical in finding the best realtor for you:


1. Do your personalities jibe?

  • One of the number one things we say as a team is that there are just certain people who you do and don't jibe with. One person might be the perfect fit for our team, but not another. You are going to be spending a significant amount of time over the course of several months (or more!) communicating with your agent. It's crucial that you and your realtor are a match (yes, it's a little like dating!)
  • We as agents just want what's best for our clients, and if we're not it, thats ok with us!


2. What neighborhoods do you specialize in?

  • Even in a small market like Park City, Utah there are tens neighborhoods and areas that are their own micro-markets. Average prices in the Park City market neighborhoods fluctuate significantly. As an example, the Colony at White Pine Canyon has an average home sale price over the past year of $15.8M, Old Town has an average home sale price over the past year of $2.1M, and Prospector has an average home sale price over the past year of $929K.
  • Once you are able (with or without the help of your realtor) to find the neighborhood or area that fits your lifestyle and needs, make sure you are working with someone who has experience and expertise on that area.
  • Using someone who is has deep knowledge about a particular neighborhood could mean the difference between losing a property in multiple offers or getting a property for the best possible price.
  • You can't put a price on expertise!


3. Do you work with a team?

  • While we think one of the most important factors on finding an agent that you jibe with, something to consider is whether your agent is part of a team. Teams provide a few things:
  • Business is taken care of by a real estate team even when your agent is unavailable or away
  • Additional expertise
  • A team of multiple professionals for the same price
4. How will you help me determine potential homes that fit my needs?
  • Finding someone who can help you narrow in on exactly what you are looking for is vital to finding your perfect home. It's important to find someone who listens to your wants and needs, taking them into account every step of the way. While it might be easy enough to find a place that will work for you, find an agent that won't let you settle until it's the perfect fit. 
5. Can you provide client references?
  •  There is no better way to understand how successful an agent has been in the past than asking for references or reading online reviews. A review or reference is not something individuals give lightly. Buying a home is a major life decision, so understanding how people have faired with a specific agent or team in the past can help you make your decision.


Overall, finding an agent is a bit like dating. We hope that we are the right fit for you!



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