Improve Your Initial Offers By Making These Changes When Selling Your Home

When you see a listing advertising a home for sale — and it’s your home on offer — you’ll want to know that you’ve done everything possible to make your property look enticing to your buyers.

As the well-known saying goes, you only get one chance at a first impression. Prospective home buyers are very quick to make their judgments when looking at photos of a property, so you should ensure that your home looks spotless, upscale, and sophisticated even before the photographer steps foot on your property. Read on for expert tips for setting up your property for success and higher offers right from the get-go.

Clean up the exterior

Depending on the season, you might have some landscaping, snow removal, and general repairs to address. Ensure you’ve taken a close look at the exterior from all angles. Consider whether your home’s surroundings appear welcoming, well-kept, and beautiful. Prospective buyers in the Park City area want to invest in properties that look like comfortable retreats. Ensure that you’ve taken steps to set a luxurious scene.

Pay attention to your outdoor amenities and features as well. For instance, many Park City homes have hot tubs, which can undoubtedly be potential assets to buyers, but only if they are in good shape. Keep the cover on the hot tub to avoid the accumulation of debris.

Evaluate whether it's time for a new roof

You might have ignored your roof for some time, and it might show. The roof's condition is fundamental to your house's appearance and perceived value. The Park City area receives significant precipitation over the year, and having a stable, intact roof is critical to protecting the home's structure.

Prices of roofs in Utah will vary widely, depending on the size, roofing materials, and steepness. While the potential cost might feel daunting to you right now, it is just a “drop in the bucket” when looking at the eventual asking price attached to your home. Your ROI will make a new roof (if necessary) well worth it.

Clear out the garage, but highlight any athletic equipment

You might have accumulated quite an assortment of belongings and knick-knacks in your garage throughout the years. You may be using your garage as a modified sort of storage container. Now is the perfect time to clear out the clutter. Remove anything that’s old, rusty, or decrepit. Dispose of any hazardous materials safely. Air out the garage if there are any lingering odors from vehicles or anything else.

The one exception is athletic equipment. If you have any outdoor athletic equipment stored in the garage, you can feel free to keep it on display as long as it’s in excellent shape. Buyers of Park City real estate frequently move to the area to enjoy the array of athletic pursuits, and keeping your brand new set of skis, snowboarding equipment, and mountain bike in the forefront will stage your property effectively. If your outdoor athletic equipment isn’t well-organized or well-kept,  however, it’s best to simply remove it from the space so that your home looks its best for private tours and open houses.

Make your home appealing as a potential investment property in Park City

Short-term rental properties often come with special features to attract renters. You can add these features to your home to raise its perceived value for prospective buyers.

Without overcrowding the space, you can add multiple twin beds to make it more appealing to groups of skiers. Consider bunk beds if the ceiling is high enough and space permits. Prospective investment buyers will offer more for a house that can host larger groups since they could advertise higher short-term rental rates.

Add tasteful decor to highlight the local appeal of the space. For example, you can purchase a throw pillow for the sofa that says “Park City” or features a skier on the slopes. Buyers are searching for local flavor, and you can raise the charm by showcasing the local ambiance and sense of adventure.

Consider keeping certain “hospitality” features on display. You can make a little coffee area in the kitchen with your coffee maker and some attractive mugs. In the bathroom, you can set out some neatly folded towels on a shelf. Emphasize any comfortable features of your home, and use cozily displayed throw blankets to impart a sense of warmth to the interior.

Clean up anything relating to your pets

You might have a cat, dog, or other animal, but your home should be clear of all pet-related evidence for the photos and the showings.

Be sure to eliminate any lingering pet odors. Don’t just use a “plug-in” scent diffuser to cover up those scents. Plus, plug-in devices with synthetic fragrances can cause allergies for some people, and their overpowering smells can also make it seem like you have something to hide. Instead, air out your house by fully opening all windows if the weather permits. If the weather doesn’t permit, try using some strategically-placed fans to circulate the air, leaving windows cracked to encourage airflow further. You can also consider the benefits of purchasing an air purifier or two if the scents continue to linger.

Your pets might have also left their mark with hair and stains on the carpet. You can try your best to remove any stains yourself, but if your efforts are proving to be in vain, you might need to hire a professional carpet cleaner. Purchasing new carpets can also give your home a more well-maintained look.

Get started with a professional team

The exceptional team at Peek | Murray would love to give you their fresh perspectives on which changes to your home can bring in the best offers and the highest selling prices. Tom Peek, Kevin Murray, and Kylie Peek Brandt offer outstanding customer service and attention to detail to help their sellers maximize returns and achieve the results they’re after. Reach out for a discussion about your goals in Park City real estate!

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