Guide to Parking at Park City's Ski Resorts

Park City's world-class ski resorts are a popular destination for all mountain sports enthusiasts, and there are quite a few parking options to get visitors to the mountain as easily as possible. We've pulled together a comprehensive list with links for you to use throughout the season.

Park City Mountain Resort:

  • Pay-to-Park: The Park City Mountain Resort offers several paid parking options. The most convenient (and pricey!) is the Park City Mountain Village Parking Garage, located at the Park City side base. There is now a lottery system and a $750/year fee. Additionally, the two large lots at the Park City base are on a reservation system and cost $25/day.
  • Free Parking: Limited free parking is available in the Cabriolet parking lot, which is served by the Cabriolet lift and is found at the Canyons base. This option can be convenient if you're looking to save on parking fees but make sure to get there early.


Deer Valley Resort:

  • Free Parking: Deer Valley Resort offers free parking in several lots near the base of the resort, including the Snow Park Lodge parking lot and the Silver Lake Lodge parking lot.
  • Drop-off Zone: If you're being dropped off or using a rideshare service, there is a designated drop-off area at Snow Park Lodge.


Off-Site Options:

  • Richardson Flats Park and Ride: Located near Park City, the Richardson Flats Park and Ride is a convenient option for those who want to park their vehicles and then take a shuttle to the ski resorts or other destinations. This park and ride is commonly used by skiers and snowboarders to reduce traffic congestion and parking difficulties at the resorts.
  • Ecker Hill Park and Ride: Ecker Hill Park and Ride is another popular location for those looking to park their vehicles and use the free shuttle service to access the ski resorts. It's strategically located and helps ease congestion during the ski season.
  • Park City High School Park and Ride: The Park City High School Park and Ride is an additional park and ride facility that provides a convenient way to park your vehicle and then take a shuttle to any of the resorts or Main Street.
  • PC-SLC Connect: A transportation service that connects Salt Lake City to Park City, helping to reduce the number of cars coming into Park City altogether. The PC-SLC Connect runs along State Route 224 and Interstate 80, consisting of shuttle buses that run at regular intervals for only $4.50/trip.

Keep in mind that parking availability can vary depending on the time of day, day of the week, and the ski season's busyness. It's a good idea to arrive early, especially during peak times, to secure a parking spot. Additionally, consider using the free Park City public transit system if you're staying in the area, as it provides easy access to the ski resorts and can help alleviate parking concerns.

Finally, make sure to check with the respective ski resorts for the most up-to-date information on parking options and rates, as they may change over time.

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